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May. 6th, 2005

Are we back in 8th grade?


Okay, here's the deal with the beach:

I found an awesome house that's oceanside with a hot tub and a pool. If 10 people go, it's $75 per person for the house and we would have to leave on Friday, the last day of finals. If you go to Southern Shores Realty, it's property #004 and it's called "Sea Fever."

If you're interested, let me know, I want to book it as soon as I can. :)

Oct. 27th, 2004

This is more for me than anyone else, unless you wanna take care of one of these, lol.

This Week/Weekend To Do:
1. Write up Film Today paper.
2. Spanish review.

3. Walmart run to get food and stuff for Halloween party.
4. Get Mom a birthday present.

5. Send out 80 bagillion cards.
6. Decorate for Halloween party Friday night.
7. Control 20 college students at said Halloween party.
8. Open House on Saturday morning.

9. Chris' rugby game on Sunday.
10. Dinners for Mom and Abbie's birthday.
11. Study for Spanish midterm.
12. Get files together to send to Dougie for web ad.
13. Dinner tonight with SADs.
14. Staff meeting on Thursday.
15. Movies Thursday night w/ the crew.

16. Catch up on Law & Ethics reading.
17. Make up my Spring schedule since somebody schedules on Wednesday - jeez.

Oct. 17th, 2004

Heather = Train Wreck

heatieatepaste (9:24:52 PM): he's so weird
SecondBeforeDawn (9:25:32 PM): lol... what?

I'm seriously still laughing.

God is probably looking down on me right now going, "Where did I go wrong?!"
Would you:

( ) Go out with me?
( ) Give me your number?
( ) Let me kiss you?
( ) Watch a movie with me? Even a really sappy one?
( ) Let me take you out to dinner?
( ) Drive me somewhere? Anywhere?
( ) Be my boyfriend or girlfriend?
( ) Have a fling with me?
( ) Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with friends?
( ) Buy me a drink if I didn't have money?
( ) Take me home for the night?
( ) Let me sleep in your bed?
( ) Sing car karaoke with me?
( ) Sit in the doctor's office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
( ) Pick me up at 3:00AM because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
( ) Sing me to sleep?
( ) Watch Star Trek with me when I couldn't sleep?
( ) Tell me when I need to stop talking?
( ) Give me a hug even when I say I don't need one?
( ) Repost this for me to answer your questions?
It is SO nice to be home early. I got a shower early and I got to watch Wheel of Fortune AND I got to eat dinner with my FAMILY. Woo!

KATE! I totally made you something tonight & I'm gonna send it out tomorrow or Thursday. You'll DIE. :D I showed it to Caleigh & this was her response:

cmee3552 (7:15:04 PM): Oh my god.
cmee3552 (7:15:06 PM): I'm crying.
cmee3552 (7:15:18 PM): This is hilarious, and it's going on the wall in my bedroom.
cmee3552 (7:15:29 PM): I can't even describe how hilarious that is.

Okay, I have to be a nerd for a second. We finished watching A Beautiful Mind in class today and my face seriously hurt from trying not to cry. I loved the movie and I particularly loved this one quote..

"Imagine if you suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse, had never been. What kind of hell would that be?"
The past 2 days have ruled because:

1. I got an A- on my Law & Ethics exam.
2. Found out that I'm definitely going to New Orleans.
3. Laughed at absolutely everything yesterday.
4. Got out of my seminar early.
5. Found out that while in New Orleans, we're going to some gala at Mardi Gras World on Friday night. Does this mean I might get to wear the new black dress?! :D

I have to study for a Film quiz and finish up my Spanish homework. Atlantic City update tonight.

Atlantic City here we come.

12 hours and we're off! :)

I'll update Sunday night when we get back.


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